In addition to offering many other breeds, I have Cavachon puppies for sale. Cavachon puppies are wonderful, loving creatures, and would make a lovely addition to any home. As a Cavachon puppy breeder in Kansas, my pups are available locally, though people outside of the state can still receive one of my little balls via ground shipping (it’s easier on the pups!).

Please read below for more information on the Cavachon!

The Cavachon has a silky coat as well as long ears. Its coat comes in three different varieties – Blenheim (white and chestnut markings), tricolor (white, black and tan markings) and ruby (completely chestnut). Its coat becomes wavy after about six months, and these dogs shed relatively little, making them a great choice for homes with allergy sufferers.

The Cavachon is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a bichon frise, making the Cavachon a small dog and a very friendly pooch. Cavachons are extremely loving, affectionate dogs, and they are more likely to want to cuddle up with a person or another dog than be by themselves. They’re very sociable and generally tolerant, making them an excellent choice for homes with other animals or multiple people and children. They love to be active – but not hyperactive – and love to play with their owners.

Like most small breeds, Cavachons do tend to have problems with ear infections as the hair inside their ears makes it easy for bacteria and dirt to collect there, so owners need to keep a watchful eye and pay extra attention to making sure that their ears stay clean to prevent infections.

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